Bhringraj Plant Benefits For Hair Fall & Hair Regrowth

Bhringraj Plant Benefits For Hair Fall & Hair Regrowth

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How to Identify Bhringraj Plant

Recognizing the bhringraj plant is not a difficult task. The bhringraj plant is usually found in ponds and wet soils and along ponds. Its leaves are very thick and long and the flower is white but there is another type of flower which is yellow but very rare in find out then specialists use this white flowered bhringraj.

Bhringaj Benefits For Hair Growth

There are various benefits of this bhringraj plant which have been used by our grandparents since time immemorial.

  • Bhringraj Increase Hair Growth 
  • Prevent Hair Fall
  • Makes Hair Black 
  • Fight Dandruff
  • Prevent Scalp Infections
  • Thicken Hair
  • Makes Hair Strong & Shiny

Bhringraj Plant Vs Bhringraj Powder

Bhringraj Plant

The beetle plant usually grows in ponds and rivers. To use it you have to go to places where water is stagnant or you will find it in the forest area. When you see the flower, you can tell if it is bhringraj.

Bhringraj Powder

bhringraj powder is a form of bhringraj plant which is dried and turned into powder and then poured into a container and sold You don’t have to work hard to get bhringraj powder you can buy any grocery market or online store.

Which Is Best Bhringraj Plant Vs Bhringraj Powder

If you want to know our opinion, it is better to use bank bhringraj plant tie than bhringraj because we do not know whether all the powders sold in the store are really pure but there are some companies whose products are very popular if you want to buy. Of course you can.

How to Use Bhringraj Plant For Hair Growth

To use bhringraj plant for your hair, you first need to wash the bhringraj plant thoroughly with water and then grind it. You can apply the juice after grinding on your hair and scalp and leave it for an hour and then wash your scalp with a good quality shampoo.

How to Use Bhringraj Powder For Hair

There are many people who want to use bhringraj powder instead of bhringraj plant so all the people who want to use bhringraj powder should first soak the powder in lukewarm water for fifteen to twenty minutes then when it becomes like paste it is applied on whole hair and scalp. Leave on for 30 to 45 minutes and shampoo.

Bhringraj can be used for hair in different ways like –

1] For Hair Growth/Hair Fall

add bhringraj plus castor oil/onion juice depends on your hair then mixed them properly & apply your hair & scalp then wash it after 30 minutes later. 

2]For Dandruff

To use bhringraj for dandruff treatment add some lemon juice plus bhringraj & coconut oil then aplly your scalp and wash it after 20 minutes. 

3] For Strong Hair

If you use bhringraj then your hair is strong but if you want you can mix bhringraj with some coconut oil and use it, it will make your hair strong and smooth.

Other Uses Of Bhringraj

  • Bhringraj is used for our skin Care
  • for some health condition 
  • Bhringraj helps to heal different types of old wounds which do not want to get better for a long time

Bhringraj Side effects

  • Frequently urinating
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Low Blood Pressure

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