Gastritis:cause,diet treatment at home

Gastritis:cause,diet treatment at home

 Gastritis is a common health condition nowadays. Many people around the world are suffering from gastritis. There is no permanent solution for gastritis. Because if you can keep your diet & lifestyle right then maybe you will never have the problem of gastritis. But if you don’t take care of your body, you may have gastritis. The problem of gastritis is not a terrible one because it can usually be cured without medicine. There are also some home remedies for gastritis. Gastritis is usually cured in some home remedies.

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_     _____Causes_____   _ 

The complete causes of gastritis cannot be stated. However, the main and common causes of gastritis are-

1] Drink too much Alcohol:  

 People who drink too much or people who drink daily carefully because it can cause gastritis. Because alcohol is very harmful to our body and stomach.

2] EatTTooo Much OilTooFood’s: 

Different types of oily foods mean that it would be wise to withdraw all the foods that use too much oil. Because you have to face the problem of gastritis as a result of eating oily foods for a long time.

3] Stress: 

Stress is the root cause of all diseases. As a result of taking stress, apart from gastritis, there are many other problems like hair fall, pimple, unhealthy weight gain/loss, depression, etc., so stress should be kept away from lifestyle. For that, you can do 30 minutes of the morning walking on a regular daily basis in the morning and you can also do 10 minutes of meditation with him.

4] Eat Too Much Food at One Time :

The problem of gastritis also arises as a result of eating a lot of food at the same time without looking at the delicious food and chewing it properly. So to get rid of gastritis, no matter how delicious the food, it is necessary to chew it slowly and eat as much as you are hungry.

Other Reasons:

[1] Decrease fiber intake [2] Take too much medicine like pain killers, headache tablets, etc, 

       .Diet For Gastritis.       


Gastritis diet is a very simple household food, such as-

  • Eat high-fiber food.
  • Drink Sattu daily in the morning.
  • Eat rice with kadhi/lentils and more importantly add some vegetables.
  • Add a salad to your lunch and dinner.
  • Eat the fruits you want and how much you want.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

#Don’t Eat: 

These are the foods that people with gastritis problems should not eat …

  • Lots of spicy food.
  • do not drink alcohol.
  • More cold water.
  • Too many oily foods.
  • Do not eat too much tea or coffee.

If you can exercise with them daily then it will be very good for you. As a result of exercise, your body shape will be attracted and along with this, you will get relief from the problem of gastritis.

Treatment of Gastritis 

There is no permanent solution to gastritis. However, some medications can cure gastritis even when you have gastritis But they can be harmful to you in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking any medication for gastritis.
I will also give you some home remedies to cure your gastritis, if after this your gastritis problem will persist and they do not have any side effects, then you can use them independently.

  • Walking daily morning 10-15 minutes on an empty stomach 
  • Eat high fiber food’s daily basis 
  • Try stomach yoga 
  • Eat more water minimum of 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Can You Eat Sushi With Gastritis?

Since most gastritis patients are encouraged to eat more portions segments during dinners, sushi appears to be an optimal food decision. In contrast to huge part feasts, more portions dinners, like sushi, require less stomach corrosive to be completely digested..

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