Hair Care: To Get Rid Of Dry Damaged Frizzy Hair

Hair care :Care your hair at home

In this Season, “hair care” is essential to prevent hair loss and to keep the hair more beautiful and shiny. A natural and beautiful “Hair Care” will not only make your hair beautiful. It will help to make your whole personality beautiful.

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            Applying hair oil to the hair roots and scalp is very important. If your hair is dry, then yours
 The head should be well oiled twice a week.
         And if your hair is oily, you can massage your head with oil at least once a week.


             After massaging the head well with oil, it is natural to remove all the dirt, dust, and sand from your hair.
Wash your hair with shampoo. As your hair will be clean, your scalp will not be dry or damaged before applying it to the scalp.


             After shampooing your hair, make your hair shinier
Conditioner in the hair is especially needed to protect from
           But keep in mind that do not apply Conditioner to the scalp. Then you may have a dandruff problem.


                     In addition to this OILING, SHAMPOOING & CONDITIONING, you need to keep an eye on the sun’s rays and sweat. The more rays and sweat you can save your hair, the better your hair will be.

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