Hair Care:hair care in winter

Hair Care:hair care in winter

Hair should be taken care of a little differently in winter. Because winter is a time when there is no moisture in the air. As a result of not having moisture, the hair becomes very dry in winter. On the other hand, our scalp also becomes dry. So if you do the same hair care in winter as you do all year round, then you may have many problems. So it is very important to have your own hair care in winter.

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Daily Moistirize Hair With Oil:

            Apply at least 2-3 oils a week at the beginning of winter hair. So that your scalpe is not dry. And every day or one day, apply 3-4 drops of oil on the hair body at the tip of your hair with a little water, it will keep your hair healthy & soft.

Less Shampooing :

                   If you do sampoo 2-3 times a week throughout the year (summer, monsoon), you should do it once a week in winter instead. Because we don’t sweat much in winter for which we have to do more sampoo. So if you want to keep your hair healthy then you have to try to shampoo less in winter. Twice if very necessary but not more than that. If you follow it, you will not see any problem on your hair.

Don’t Rinse with Hot Water:

                    Many people prefer to bathe in warm water in winter. But if you use hot water on your head / hair, it can also damage your hair. So I say those who bathe in hot water in winter can bathe in hot water all over the body. But always bathe your head in cold water or room temperature water.

Use Aloe Vera :

                    If those who like to style their hair do not want to apply oil on their hair, then after bathing 2-3 days a week, dry their hair and apply Aloe Vera Gel on the hair body. Then your hair will be protected from all external things.

Do Not Leave Home In wet Hair:

              We should never go out with wet hair when our hair is wet after bathing because in winter it is not the same outside weather Moisture and if you go out with wet hair then the hair can be very damaged. So you can go out after drying your hair well. If there is any urgent work then you can use hair dryer. Otherwise, mourning in a natural way is the best.
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