Hair fall reason & solution at home 2021

Hair fall reason & solution at home 2021

Nowadays, the problem of hair loss is still going on. Most people now face the problem of hair loss whether they are 17-18 years old or not. I even faced this problem when I was 17. So I know very well how to solve this problem.

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               Hair Fall Reasons 


          This is the main reason for wearing hair. Because when you think or think about all the things, you mean a hormone (cortisol) in the human body increases which makes the hair follicles very weak.


          Even if you don’t eat on time and in the right amount, there is a problem with wearing your hair.


If you have a hair problem at home, that is, if your grandfather has a hair problem, Tatoma may also have to face this problem. But keep in mind that hereditary hair loss occurs after 30 years, not earlier.


The same thing applies to the urgency of blood circulation in our bodies.

If there is no proper blood circulation then the hair follicles gradually become weak which leads to hair fall problems.

      Hair Fall Solution


         The main reason for hair loss is that if you can meditate regularly to manage stress, not only your hair but your mind will always be free of stress.


Protein foods: -Fish, meat, yogurt, pulses, gram
Vitamin C foods: -All types of lemons, pears, Amla
Vitamin D: – Gets directly from the sun
Biotin: – Eggs
Eat whatever you like and you will see that your hair fall problem will be reduced.


You can do a headstand or head massage or push-ups to increase blood circulation in the head.

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