How to Gain weight:Safe ways to gain weight naturally

How to Gain weight:Safe ways to gain weight naturally

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If you are emaciated weak body. Or if you want to gain some weight, if you try a lot of things, but you are not gaining weight at all. If you are tired of going to the gym to gain weight, but you are not gaining weight at all, I have come up with some home remedies for them. If you follow this regularly, you will notice for yourself that you are gaining weight slowly.

There are two ways to gain weight

1.Healthy weight gain😊

2.Unhealthy weight gain 🤔

📀What is the best for weight gain? 
:“Healthy weight gain” is the best because “healthy weight gain”do not harm our body.


If you want to increase your weight in a “healthy” way, you need to eat a lot regularly. You need to change your lifestyle to gain weight in a “healthy” way. You also need to exercise regularly.


“Unhealthy weight gain” – is for gaining weight
You can eat whatever you want. Like all televaja food, chocolate, various hard drinks (those who eat) but it can be a problem for you. That is, if you gain weight in an unhealthy way, you are more likely to get pimples in your mouth. You may have stomach problems. But it will make you gain weight faster.

Basic Tips:

 Many people say that there is a lot to do to gain weight. He has to eat a lot. But I don’t think so. Because I also once endured the problem of this underweight.
                           In fact, calorie intake is 
important for weight gain. This means that your body consumes calories throughout the day to function properly. If you take 300-500 calories more than the amount of calories you need per day, then you will start gaining weight. You can use the bmi method to find out how many calories your body needs.

So let’s see what to do to gain weight __________:

«Make Homemade Protein Shakes:

                      Many types of protein powder are sold in the market. But there is a lot of mixing in them which can cause various diseases in our body. So it would be best to make a Healthy Drink at home. For this you can use banana, milk, honey and some nuts. Not only will this help you gain weight but it will also help build your muscle.

«2»Eat Potatoe’s:

                 you have all people heard that it is better for thin people to eat potatoes. The reason behind this is that potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates which help us to gain weight. If you can eat two boiled potatoes a day in your diet, it will be very good for you your weight gain journey.


                          Protein plays a very important role in weight gain. Because protein helps our body to grow muscles. He makes the rate stronger. Multiply your weight by .8 to find out how much protein your body needs each day. Like if someone weighs 54 then him. Multiplying by 8 is (54 * .8) = 43.2.


                        Exercise is needed for such weight loss. Exercise is also very important for weight gain. Exercise makes your muscles bigger which will help you to look muscular. If you exercise daily so you will feel very confident.


                          Most of the boys these days
The only problem is excessive musterbration
Musterbration can cause you to lose a lot of weight. If you do regular masturbation, try to stop it, otherwise you may have a lot of difficulty in gaining weight. Because when we do musterbration, many essential substances come out from inside our body. And you have a lot to do to make up for it.


           When you are on a diet to gain weight, you also need to pay attention to the water. People who want to gain weight should never drink water before or after meals. Or you can take a sip. Drink plenty of water 30-1 hours after eating. In addition, you need to drink 8-12 glasses of water daily.

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