Interesting Facts About Yoga You Probably Didn’t Know

Yoga is no longer a strange discipline. Interesting Facts About Yoga This is considered the most interesting and popular subject in the world. Even for long-time yoga followers or new students with wet feet, try this subject. Then yoga still contains many interesting secrets that you do not know. Let’s learn interesting things about yoga through this article! Who knows, it will increase your interest in practicing yoga every day!

Yoga is not just a sport:

Maybe your goal when going to the yoga studio is to lose weight, to have the body of your dreams. But yoga gives you so much more. The interesting thing about yoga is that it’s a sport, but it’s not simply a sport. It is a ‘medicine’ for the soul, improving the mind and soul health. Yoga can treat depression – a dangerous disease common among young people today. Besides, with certain benefits for people with cardiovascular disease. Yoga is included in the restorative treatment of these patients because it is easy to practice anytime, anywhere. So, practice yoga as a way to take care of yourself.

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Yoga helps you to grow taller

Yoga is a sport that is increasingly being loved by young people. After a few months of practice, you will not only easily see practical benefits for your health, but also discover many more interesting things about Yoga. One of the surprising effects of exercise is increasing height.

If you are not over 24 years old, Yoga movements work to stretch the skeletal muscles, increase the flexibility and strength of the spine and arms combined with a reasonable diet to enhance the development of the spine. musculoskeletal system, especially in puberty. Besides, you need to build yourself a scientific lifestyle with a reasonable timetable between studying, living, and resting so that your body can increase the best height. 

Interesting laughter yoga for cancer patients

Many public hospitals in the Philippine capital Manila are applying laughter yoga in the treatment of cancer patients. Laughter here is seen as an exercise for a group of people, along with eye contact and childlike playfulness, “fake laughter” will quickly turn into “real laughter” and spread very quickly, making everyone laugh a lot.

Experts believe that laughter can reduce stress, enhance relaxation and recovery by reducing blood pressure, improving breathing capacity and muscle function. As for cancer patients, laughter yoga helps them reduce pain, become more optimistic to cope with the disease.

Yoga makes you have healthy eating habits

Research from the University of Washington shows that people who regularly practice yoga have a healthier diet than others. Yoga encourages you to focus on your breathing and every other sense in your body. This helps train your brain to analyze exactly what is happening, making you pay more attention to feelings of hunger and fullness. When you eat, you also focus your attention on enjoying each bite rather than being distracted by other things. 

Yoga doesn’t work for lazy people

Practicing Yoga requires slowness, care, and precision in each movement. Therefore, to be able to practice Yoga effectively, the practitioner needs to have patience and perseverance. Everyone who is currently practicing or planning to practice Yoga needs to keep in mind that practicing yoga is not a fad, much less can it be practiced according to a whim or the will of others. All the principles of practice when practicing Yoga you must follow correctly when you have chosen, you need to be determined to do it to the end.

Take advantage of discount codes, coupons to sign up for Yoga classes, it will help you achieve higher efficiency in your practice at a very reasonable cost.

Lack of inspiration – Try horse training with Yoga

The horses at Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina participate in very interesting exercise sessions, including movements that require coordination with humans, especially lying on horseback. or planting banana trees on them.

These exercises help to create a feeling of relaxation and avoid mental harm to people and horses in the most natural way. They are built on theories that taming horses based on forms of violence will bond people more with the animal.

The truth about everything mechanism

It is a little-known fact that our two noses work unevenly. That is the reason for the birth of the practice of breathing through the nose in yoga. The functioning of the nose is directly related to the brain. Accordingly, when one nose is more active than the other, the brain on the opposite side is also more active. According to research, the right nose helps to keep the mind active and the left nose helps to relax the mind. Our two noses usually take turns working for 2 to 2 and a half hours. However, it is not impossible to regulate this activity. With practice and concentration, you can completely control this behavior of the nose. This is an interesting thing about yoga, isn’t it?


Above is an article about interesting facts about Yoga that you may not know. Yoga is one of the best methods to restore and positively change the whole body and mind of the practitioner. Hopefully with the above interesting things will inspire you to participate in Yoga practice more often. In just a short time, you will own both physical and mental health, making the practitioner look radiant and youthful all the time. And don’t forget to use discount codes, coupons when buying Yoga mats to both save money and help practice effectively.


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