Korean skin care:for naturally glowing skin

Korean skin care:for naturally glowing skin

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When it comes to our beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is our face and hair. Even if there is a brown rash or black spots on the face, it does not look very good on us. But did you know that there is a country where not only women but also men have very beautiful skin. They look exactly the same no matter how old they are. I’m going to give them some skin care tips to share.

1] Clean Your Face With Oil:

First of all, apply coconut oil on your face. Then massage it for 2-3 minutes. Then leave the oil on the face for 10 minutes so that all the qualities of the oil can pull the face

2] Clean Your Face With Face Wash/Soap:

After applying the oil, wash the face with a good face wash to remove all the dirt and oil from the mouth. This will clear all the pores of your face.

3] Use Toner: 

Toner will play a very important role in this skin care routine. After washing your face, apply the toner that you use all over your face and neck. I would suggest “rose water


4] Relaxing With Mask:

Relax for 10 minutes after doing these three things. This time you put Multani Mitti Peast on your face and sit or lie down. This will clear all the Whitehead & Blackheads in your mouth. After 10 minutes, just wash your face with cold water.


5] Apply Moisturizer :

If your face feels dry after washing your face well, then you can use the moisturizer that you use. It will keep your face beautiful and fresh.

6]wear Sunscreen:

Hopefully you all know how important it is to use sunscreen before going out on the go. If you use these tips in the morning, then you must use Sunscreen. But if you use these tips in the afternoon / night, then there is no need to use Sunscreen.

7] Drink Lot Of Water:

As you follow this skin care routine, one more thing you need to keep in mind is to drink more water. You need to drink 3-4 ltr of water daily. This will get rid of all the dirty substances inside your body. If you stay clean and healthy on the inside, you will look beautiful on the outside as well.

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