Receding Hairline: Treatment, Cause, and Stages

Receding Hairline: Treatment, Cause, and Stages

 The receding hairline is the problem when our hair fall starts or anytime if the hairline in front of our head or forehead hair falls for any reason and that hairline slowly moves backward.

There are generally three types of receding hairline we can notice

  • Genetics Receding hairline 
  • Due To Lifestyle 
  • DHT 

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Genetics hairline receding:

If someone’s hairline is receded due to heredity then the hairline falls out from the first two sites in front of their head. It usually starts after the age of 30 but nowadays we have some irregular habits and environmental pollution. Hairline receding shows that if you want to fix it, you need to follow the advice of a doctor and develop good habits over time and make irregular lifestyle changes.


If you see that the hairline you have on your head is evenly receding according to a line, then you will realize that you are doing something wrong in your daily life for which you are facing this problem. Not much is needed because if you can change your lifestyle and follow a better lifestyle then you will solve this problem and later new hair will grow in place of the fallen hair.


DHT is one of the main causes of hair loss and hairline receding in men. When DHT builds up in our body, it gets stuck in the hair follicles so that none of the nutritious food we eat gets to our hair. Here are some tips to reduce hair loss from DHT. You can follow them.

  • Meditation 
  • Eat DHT Blocking Foods
  • Less Stress
  • Exercise Daily Minimum 10-15 Minutes 
  • Stop Bad Habits

Receding hairline in males: 

A receding hairline is more common in boys than in girls because boys have higher levels of DHT hormone in their body than girls and boys face this problem due to some bad habits.

If boys want to fix the problem of receding hairline, first of all, they have to pay attention to their diet and lifestyle. By doing these, they can solve their problem.

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Receding hairline in females:

Girls like boys are also seen to have residual hairline but there are many reasons why a girl’s hairline is much less than her boys. Here are some of the reasons I shared.

  • If you tie your hair tightly
  • Hair partition 
  • hormonal imbalance 
  • Alopecia

Receding hairline causes: 

Problems with a receding hairline can be due to many reasons but no specific cause is responsible for it.

  • Set You hair Too much time
  • Poor diet
  • Do not care about hair
  • Dht
  • Genetics 
  • Use over hairstyling products 
  • Backcombing 

These are the main reasons why our hairline is receding, so, first of all, you have to look at them. If you fix it, your hair will be 80 to 90 percent less and the problem of receding hairline will also stop.

Hairstyles For Receding Hairline: 

People who have problems with receding hairlines will try to reduce the hairstyle as much as possible.

For womentry not to tie your hair tightly because tying hair tightly increases the chances of hairline receding.

Set your hair to much time:

We have a chance to recede our hairline even if we fix our hair repeatedly with our hands or with a comb because when we set our hair or comb our hair, again and again, there is a tension in the hair follicles and if it is repeated, there is a chance of hair loss.

Poor diet:

Poor diet is also seen to cause hair loss in many people. So people who have problems with receding hair will always try to follow a balanced diet which will include protein, vitamins C, D, K, E, calcium, iron, etc.

Don’t care hair:

Not caring for the hair at all can also cause hair loss and hairline receding because even if the hair is not cared for at all, a lot of buildup or dirt accumulates in the hair which can block the hair follicles.

If we take proper care of our hair, our hair and hair health will always be fine. This is a basic hair care routine.

  • Oiling
  • Protect from dust and sunlight

Dht & genetics: 

If you want to see the first part of this article about DHT and genetics you can see…

Use over hairstyling products:

If you use over hair styling products in your hair, you may have problems with the hairline, but not only this, it may also increase the problem of hair fall. Hairstyling Products and Normal Hair Styling Products Like Serum Once a Week.


Alopecia is something that has in our body.

Alopecia is when our body system mistakenly thinks our hair is the enemy and starts hitting the hair, it is called alopecia. When a person has alopecia, the hair falls out from one part of his head and becomes empty, the rest of the place is fine.

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