Running benefits:live long stey strong

Running benefits:live long stey strong
Running is very important in our daily life. If you run regularly, you can see for yourself that your body is improving dramatically.

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Mental Health :

            Running increases our mental strength. If you can run regularly every morning, you will notice that you are enjoying it more. This is because when you are younger your brain releases a chemical for which you will feel very happy.
Mental Health

Weight Loss:

           For those who are worried about being overweight, if you can run regularly every morning, you will notice that your weight is slowly decreasing. Because if you run daily in the morning, the extra calories you have will go into the water. So you gradually lose weight.

Weight Loss

Strong Immune system :

           In the current situation, it is very important to increase immunity. And an easy and fun way to boost immunity is to go for a regular jog every morning. And as soon as you are younger, make sure that your diet contains Vitamin C-rich foods such as lemons, guavas, and mangoes.
Strong Immune system

Better Sleep:

            People who suffer from insomnia will find that if you can go for a regular jog every morning, your sleep problems will often be solved. I had this problem too. Then when I started running I saw that I could sleep well at night. And after a while, I would fall asleep   😋
Better Sleep

Strong Muscles :

     For people who have pain in their hands and feet, if they can run regularly every morning, they will see that your pain is starting to decrease. However, some people have a weak rate
If they can run regularly then their muscles will be stronger and you will see that you are feeling happier and stronger.

Strong Muscles

More confident:

        There are many people today who are worried about their low confidence. For this low confidence, they have to face problems in many places. If they can run regularly, they will be able to see for themselves how much confidence they are feeling.

Running benefits:live long stey strong

Other Benefits:

         Just as running can improve your physical and mental well-being, so can your hair and face.
                       Those who are underweight should run 20 minutes three days a week.
                      And those who say they are overweight, if they want to lose weight, then they have to run from the first one every month to 4-5 days a week.

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