Tension Headache:full details of tension headache

Tension Headache:full details of tension headache

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Tension headache is a normal headache. Nowadays most people have this headache. Tension headache is when you feel pain in your forehead and eyes. In some rare cases a person’s whole head hurts. However, normally tension headache is on one side of the forehead and head.

Cause Of Tension Headache:

When you are a little more worried about everything or if you have a problem of over thinking, you may also have tension headache.
  • Lack of sleep.                                                                                     
  • Emotional Stress.   
  • Job Stress.                                                                                                         
  • Study Pressure.                                           
  • Decreased water intake                                         
  • Gastric Problem.                                                              

Timeline of Headaches:

            When you have problem of tension headache then i will tell you don’t worry because tension headache goes away within 
30-45 minutes Later.


            Tension headache is a normal headache, there is no need to take any medicine for it. It can be fixed at home with the help of some simple things.

  • Deep Breathing.                                                                  
  • Use Ginger Tea.                                             
  • Playing games.                                               
  • Trying to Sleep Few minutes.                                                                                  

What To do For Prevent Headache In Future :

             You need to make some changes in your lifestyle so that you don’t get tension headaches later. Although tension headaches are caused by excessive tension, you should try to stay as tension free as possible.

  • Meditation Everyday at Morning.             
  • Taking Food Time to Time.                         
  • Drinking 8 Glass of Water Per Day.           
  • Exercise/Playing Every day.                        
  • Trying to Sleep Fixed Time at Night.         
  • Sleep Minimum 6-8 Hour Daily.                

When you See A Doctors:

              When you have a headache every day and if it lasts for a long time or lasts all day. And you try all the medicine but headache not recovered then you consult a doctor. 

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