The Most Useful Sleeping Positions For Your Health

The Most Useful Sleeping Positions For Your Health

everyone’s health is different, the most important thing is that you change your sleeping position flexibly so that it is both beneficial for your health and suitable for your needs and habits.

Here are some of the correct sleeping positions that health experts recommend. Most Useful Sleeping Positions.

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Lie on back, straight back :

Going to bed with your back and back straight is considered the best sleeping position, bringing many health benefits. This sleeping position not only protects the spine but also helps relieve symptoms of hip and knee pain.
When lying on the back, the muscles and joints are free to relax, the bones of the spine maintain the correct position. At the same time, sleeping in this position will help blood circulate throughout the body without any problems. Therefore, lying on your back is a very effective position to increase height.
Sleeping on your back, your stomach is in a lower position than the esophagus, helping to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. At the same time, when your face is facing up, there is no pressure to avoid the formation of wrinkles on the facial skin.
On the other hand, sleeping on your back is not suitable for people with snoring or breathing difficulties because gravity forces the tongue muscle to lower into the airway.
To make sleeping more comfortable, you can place an extra pillow under your knees to create a natural curve under your hips. If you are having breathing problems, you can combine it with a side-lying position. You should use more sleep masks to increase sleep quality, remember to use discount codes and coupons when buying to save money.

Side sleeping position

With this sleeping position, the body will lean to one side of the body, the shoulders will be pressured, the body will be slightly bent and the knees will be raised above the body. Sleeping on your side is a very good sleeping position for general health, especially for those who suffer from shortness of breath, snoring, heartburn, or acid reflux.

Pregnant women can choose to lie on their side while placing an extra pillow under the belly or between the knees will help reduce pressure on the body and bladder. Therefore, lying on the side is considered a good sleeping position for pregnant women.
However, you should also not lie on your side for too long. When leaning to the left, the internal organs in the chest tend to shift to the left, the lungs will press on the heart. This pressure can affect heart function and potentially lead to heart failure.
Conversely, lying on the right side for too long will cause the internal organs to shift to the right and put pressure on the lungs. At this time, lung volume can be reduced, affecting blood oxygen levels and negatively affecting the cardiovascular system.
In addition, lying on one side for a long time also causes shoulder and back problems due to changes in the curvature of the spine. In men, lying on the side and turning too much can lead to testicular torsion.
Accordingly, if you feel tired, you should lie down straight to fix your back spine and reduce pressure on your shoulders. For pregnant women, you can put extra pillows on the side to reduce the weight that is too much to one side.

A Good Sleep Boost Your Heart Health 10 Times. How To Get a Good Heart Health

Lie on your stomach

Lying on the stomach is a popular sleeping position that helps increase the effectiveness of the 3rd round. Because the 3rd round is composed mostly of fatty tissue, when lying on the stomach, our 3rd round will not bear much weight at all. Accordingly, the fatty tissue in the round 3 areas will grow more prolific.

Along with that, when lying on the stomach, the face will turn to the side to breathe, helping to avoid the adverse consequences of snoring.
Although it is a sleeping position that helps to increase round 3, lying on the stomach is not good for round 1. Because maintaining the prone position for a long time can cause the breasts to sag and automatically shrink.
Not only that but lying on your stomach is also not the right sleeping position that health experts recommend a lot.
Lying on your stomach at first can be quite comfortable and easy to fall asleep when the body is tired, but it puts a lot of pressure on the digestive and respiratory systems, hindering blood circulation.
Although you can sleep soundly with your stomach’s sleeping position, when you wake up, you will easily fall into a state of shoulder pain and a stiff neck. So, this position is only suitable for fast sleep for about 15 minutes, you need to change to another correct sleeping position.

Slightly upright lying position

In this sleeping position, your head is raised 20-30% above your body, creating the feeling of sleeping on a recliner. The upright sleeping position can reduce snoring symptoms and limit respiratory problems.
However, this slightly upright sleeping position makes it difficult for us to sleep deeply and for a long time because we cannot change to another sleeping position.

Spoon sleeping position

This is the sleeping position for couples when both people lean to one side and close to each other. Close physical contact can make you more likely to wake up, but cuddling will make it easier to fall back to sleep.

Experts say that lying face down, like other intimate gestures, helps the body release oxytocin, which relieves stress, increases excitement, and helps you fall asleep faster.

Getting good and healthy sleep depends on many other factors. You should invest in a very soft mattress or pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep. The above products are widely sold on e-commerce sites, you should use discount codes and coupons to save costs when buying.


Above is information about the correct and best sleeping positions. Each sleeping position has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the health status of each person. So experiment with different sleeping positions to see what works best for you.
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