Types of Headache:there are 4 types headache

Types of Headache:there are 4 types headache

Headaches are now a common occurrence in our daily lives. Headache is not a serious condition so there is no need to be afraid of it. Headaches can be caused by our daily mistakes, and also by some minor illnesses

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Headache Types:

         1] Tension Headache

         2]Migrain Headache

         3]Cluster Headache 

         4]Sinus Headache 

         5]Cervicogenic Headache 

[1]Tension Headache:

                You may have this Headache when there is too much pressure in your brain or if you think too much. If you have a headache due to tension, then you will only have forehead pain. Besides, you will not be able to feel pain anywhere.

 Treatment :   when Headache was cause of tension so you can try to play with friends, Listening song & also take pain killers.

[2]Migraine Headache:

                When you have pain in only one side of your head, you also have mild nausea. Then it can be called migraine headache. There are many reasons behind migraine headache, some of the common reasons are a lot of sun in the head, dust in the nose, etc ..

Treatment:use medicine, at home use Ginger tea, use cap when you go in hot sunlight. 

[3]Cluster Headache:

                  When your headache is only on one side of the head and one eye and you have watery eyes and nose with it then we can call it Cluster headache.

Treatment: when you have cluster headaches then you do deep breathing,sleeping few minutes/hour & also take allergy tablet.

[4]Sinus Headache:

                Sinus headache is when your nose is blocked by balgum and pressure is applied to the head. If the sinus is exposed for infection, there may be pain in the head, cheeks and eyes. He may feel a slight tingling sensation with it.

Treatment:use salt water & neem hot water at home for sinus headache 

[5]Cervicogenic Headache:

                        This headache is paining in top of head & back of head. This headache is not a major condition so dont be nervous/fear.

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