13 best high quality protein foods

Written by Healthfly Feb 27, 2022

Protein is a micronutrient that is very important for our body because protein is a nutrient that we need to eat in sufficient quantity daily and regularly if he wants a healthy and strong body

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit It is usually found in water. Dragon Fruits is famous all over the world for its huge name and its nutritional value. 100 grams of dragon foot contains 3 to 4 grams of protein.


We all know how nutritious gram food is. 100 grams of gram contains 19 grams of protein, fiber-17 gram, calories-364, and many more. you can eat it every morning.

Shellfish is a marine fish that is rich in protein, omega three fatty acids, and a variety of vitamins. It makes our hair fresh stronger and helps to increase immunity.


Milk is the highest protein source & calorie diet 100 ml Milk has 44 calories 5 grams Carbohydrates and 3-4 grams Protein


Chicken is one of the best protein sources for people who eat non-veg food because 100 grams of chicken contains 27 grams of protein and 239 calories.


great protein source that contains 155 grams of calories and 6 grams of protein. Not only that but protein also contains biotin which helps our hair to grow and helps to prevent our hair loss.


These fruits are available almost all year round. They contain 2.6 grams of protein and a lot of vitamin C. If you can eat this fruit in 2 servings, your hair will become brighter and brighter.


I hope you all know about the benefits of Dry Fruits. Almost every Dry Fruits contains a lot of Vitamin, Protein which helps us to keep our skin healthy and fresh.

Dry Fruits

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best natural sources of magnesium — a mineral that is often lacking in the diets of many Western populations.

Pumpkin Seed

If You Want To Know Disadvantages of intake of less protein