9 Healthy Foods

Must In Your Weight Lose Days

When we lose weight, we have a thought in our head that if we play, our weight loss will be better. 

All the people who want to lose weight, eat anything to lose weight, thinking that these foods will help me to lose weight some people eat very little food which makes them hungry all the time so I will share with you some knowledge about weight loss foods.

Whole Egg

Eggs are a non-vegetarian food that we usually eat for hair growth because it contains 10%  biotin(vitamin B6)and high-quality protein and all the vitamins in them. It is especially beneficial for our weight loss and our whole body.


beans is a high quality protein food.It is vegetarian food. Which we can eat in different ways like boiling & cooking rows etc. It is sold in different color markets like red black purple white black-white etc.

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Chia Seeds

Not only can chia seeds help us to lose weight, but it also helps us to improve our hair, skin, and health. Chia seeds contain protein, fiber, omega three fatty acids, and various vitamins and minerals. With it, your body hair will improve the skin more.

Whole Grain

– Prevention Heart Disease – Maintain Healthy Body – Fell Satisfied and Full Stomach When You Eating

Whole grains are special food for our bodies. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, and antioxidants.


The best way to eat soup is because soup contains a variety of vitamins & minerals that reduce our hunger and we get also some vitamins and minerals.

Nuts We can use in two ways to gain weight or loss weight. Nuts contain high-quality protein healthy fat which focuses on our hair, skin, and muscles. Minerals that make our body healthy, alert, and beautiful.


Leafy vegetables

It contains 6% Vitamin C which helps us to improve digestion and keep our stomach healthy. It has only 23 calories.


For people who are non-vegetarians, chicken is a very important food. Research has shown that protein is essential for weight loss and weight gain