Lionel Messi Consumes These Foods to Keep Healthy and Young.

By Avijit

DEC 18,2022

One of the best football players in the game's history, Lionel Messi is still on the field today. The superstar from Barcelona appears to improve every year,

Dr. Giuliano Poser, a sports nutritionist who was treating him, advised Lionel Messi to completely modify his diet.

Fresh seasonal fruits, leafy green vegetables, good fats, entire grains, and water make up the majority of Messi's balanced diet.


Whole grains, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits


Salad, Beans, Soup(Including Turmeric, Chilli and Ginger


Brown Rice, Tuna

Fresh fruits Green leafy vegetables Seeds and nuts Olive oil Protein shakes Whole grains Yerba Mate Water

What to Avoid

Sugar Refined flour Alcohol Aerated drinks Processed carbs Pizza, pasta, and other junk food Fried food Artificial sweeteners and additives