Masturbation Benefits and Side Effects

By Avijit

March 2022

due to the lack of data about sexual heartiness information on the internet. The internet only makes the situation worse, so then we listed some masturbation myths you may not have heard about ahead.

Advantages Of Masturbation

great For stress Relieve

Reduced Stress

Release Dopamine

Natural Immunity Booster

Disadvantages  Of Masturbation

addiction can be personally harmful

Extreme masturbation can cause vaginal soreness

Harmful during Pregnancy

Back Pain Too much masturbation leads to back pain

Masturbation Myths

causes hair Loss.   Masturbation leads to blindness.  Masturbation does permanent damage to your genitals   Masturbation cause impotence in men, and infertility in women.

Masturbation Back Pain

masturbating is not cause of back pain. Masturbation may only cause back pain if you are self-serving in a poor posture that strains your back.

Masturbation and Kidney Stones

Woman masturbation doesn't affect on kidney stone whatsoever. In fact, a recent study conducted on a manly sample revealed the exact contrary.

Side Effects Of Masturbation

Feeling Guilty

You Fell Tired Most Of The Time

Lower Libido Level

Harmful When Pregnant

How To Overcome Masturbation?

if you want to control your masturbation addiction and want to leave life happily follow this steps, maybe this steps helps you lot.


meditation or yoga is an ancient relaxing mechanism, which has multiple benefits for the body. It relaxes the muscles, this is a great way to keep the mind engaged and stay away from masturbation.

Listen music

Harkening to music can drive down from the study of doing masturbation dependence. The choice of music can be slow to gormandize, depending on the preference.

Use time efficiently

itical to engage in a hobbyhorse, which an individual loves doing. Certain effects similar as oil, out-of-door sports, playing an instrument, jotting,etc.