Most Common Symptoms If You Are Fully Vaccinated



Covid-19 is a virus that has been spreading all over the world since 2019. The virus has caused financial losses in all the countries where it has spread, with many people dying as a result.

The Covid-19 or Coronavirus vaccine, which is being marketed with the help of scientists and doctors from different countries, will be available to all people by 2021.Eventually people got a medicine that could be used to fight covid-19 or coronavirus

But after the vaccine was made some people did not want to get this vaccine due to some misunderstanding but after the government and Doctor's Day people agreed to get this vaccine of covid-19 and then people of all countries took the vaccine.

Common Side Effect Of Covid-19 Vaccine

Some people have a fever after taking the 1st dose and some people get it right. Everyone thought it might be a normal fever. But after taking the 2nd dose or fully vaccinated people after a few days or a month their body is aching. Feeling of fever is a mild fever. Some people feel nauseous .It's been around a lot of people.

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