The Most Useful Sleeping Positions For Your Health

February 08, 2022

Written by Healthfly

Lie on straight back

Going to bed with your back and back straight is considered the best sleeping position, bringing many health benefits. This sleeping position not only protects the spine but also helps relieve symptoms of hip and knee pain.

Side sleeping position

With this sleeping position, the body will lean to one side of the body, the shoulders will be pressured, the body will be slightly bent and the knees will be raised above the body. Sleeping on your side is a very good sleeping position for general health, especially for those who suffer from shortness of breath, snoring, heartburn, or acid reflux.

Lie on your stomach

Lying on the stomach is a popular sleeping position that helps increase the effectiveness of the 3rd round. Because the 3rd round is composed mostly of fatty tissue, when lying on the stomach, our 3rd round will not bear much weight at all. Accordingly, the fatty tissue in the round 3 areas will grow more prolific.

Spoon sleeping position

This is the sleeping position for couples when both people lean to one side and close to each other. Close physical contact can make you more likely to wake up, but cuddling will make it easier to fall back to sleep.

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