What Are High Quality Protein Foods: 13 Best High Quality Protein Foods & Fruits

Protein is a micronutrient that is very important for our body because protein is a nutrient that we need to eat in sufficient quantity daily, here we will share What Are High Quality Protein Foods. and regularly if he wants a healthy and strong body then he needs to take an adequate amount of protein. A normal person needs to take protein according to his weight every day. For how much protein intake you need to take, you multiply the points by your current weight.

What Are High Quality Protein Foods: 13 Best High Quality Protein Foods & Fruits


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Benefits of intake more protein:

Although protein is a micronutrient so protein is needed all over our body when you start taking in enough protein daily you will see that your body is starting to improve.

  • Build Muscle 
  • More energy 
  • Strong bones 
  • Less hair fall 
  • Body repair faster 
  • Helps to maintain weight 
  • Increase red blood cells 
  • Helps to hair growth/regrowth

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Disadvantages of Intake of Less Protein: 

You can have these problems if you do not get enough protein in your diet.

  • Hair fall
  • Unnatural weight loss 
  • The body takes too much time to repair 
  • Weak muscles 
  • Face many problems if you want to gain weight 

If you get enough protein in your diet, you won’t have any of these. We usually divide the protein diet into three parts.

  • 1] Protein drink.
  • 2] Protein foods.
  • 3] Protein fruits.

High Protein Food’s 

Protein foods are the ones that will give you adequate protein intake and you will also get various vitamins and minerals.

1. Egg:

This is a great protein source that contains 155 grams of calories and 6 grams of protein. Not only that but protein also contains biotin which helps our hair to grow and helps to prevent our hair loss.

2. Chiken: 

Chicken is one of the best protein sources for people who eat non-veg food because 100 grams of chicken contains 27 grams of protein and 239 calories.

3. Milk: 

Milk is the highest protein source & calorie diet 100 ml Milk has 44 calories 5 grams Carbohydrates and 3-4 grams Protein 

4. Home Made Protein Shakes: 

Two Bananas 1 Table Spoon Peanut Butter Add some Milk and yo also add Sam Fruits This Protein shakes will provide energy. The protein that will give you will not improve your body. It will improve your hair and body a lot.

5. Fish: 

Fish Source Of Protein Omega 3 Fatty Acids The protein that fish will give you will not only win you over but will also improve your hair and nails a lot.

6. Shelfish: 

Shellfish is a marine fish that is rich in protein, omega three fatty acids, and a variety of vitamins. It makes our hair fresh stronger and helps to increase immunity.

7. Chickpea/Chana: 

We all know how nutritious gram food is. 100 grams of gram contains 19 grams of protein, fiber-17 gram, calories-364, and many more. If you can eat it every morning, it will be very good for you. People with digestive problems are kindly boiled before eating.

High Protein Fruit’s 

Fruits usually do not contain much protein. We eat fruits to make up for the lack of vitamins in the village, What Are High Quality Protein Foods we are sharing with you the fruits that are high in protein.

8. Guava: 

These fruits are available almost all year round. They contain 2.6 grams of protein and a lot of vitamin C. If you can eat this fruit in 2 servings, your hair will become brighter and brighter.

9. Potetos: 

Potatoes that we all use in our daily lives potato include 2 grams of protein and high carbs for those who want to gain weight. Potatoes are very good. and potatoes also give energy for a longer time. 

10. Dragon Fruit: 

Dragon Fruit It is usually found in water. Dragon Fruits is famous all over the world for its huge name and its nutritional value. 100 grams of dragon foot contains about 3 to 4 grams of protein.

11. Dry Fruits: 

I hope you all know about the benefits of Dry Fruits. Almost every Dry Fruits contains a lot of Vitamin, Protein which helps us to keep our skin healthy and fresh. Also, many dry fruits like Almonds help to make our mental strength more beautiful. It helps us build muscle. If you try a little bit every day, then your hair skin will slowly start to glow.

High Nutrition Seed’s

Lastly, I would like to tell you about two sets of fruits which have more nutrition than fruits. If you can eat these, then you will be able to see for yourself.

12. Pumpkin Seed’s:

Science said that pumpkin seeds have an amazing supplement profile that benefits numerous parts of your wellbeing. They’re a rich source of protein, unsaturated fats, nutrients, and minerals.

If you have any desire to see the advantages of pumpkin seeds, they’re not difficult to integrate into your eating routine. In numerous nations, they’re a famous bite that can be eaten either crude or cooked, salted or unsalted.

13. Flax Seed’s:

Flax seeds are exceptionally high in fiber and give great amount of protein. They’re additionally rich in fat and one of the most mind-blowing plant-based wellsprings of heart-solid omega-3 unsaturated fats.

There are numerous medical advantages of flaxseed on the off chance that it very well may be engaged with the day to day diet.

Flax seeds can be blended in with yogurt: Few measures of flax seeds or ground flaxseeds can be sprinkled into yogurt consequently making it a protein-pressed bowl of yogurt as it is valuable for muscles building.


Proteins, which make up most of your muscles, act as a significant structure component. Protein can assist you with gain muscle mass, maintain muscle mass, and forestall muscle misfortune while you’re attempting to get more fit.

Proteins discharge important amino acids when ingested. Since your body doesn’t produce these acids, you should secure them from the eating routine. The protein is separated by your body into amino acids, which play out a a range of critical tasking.

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